University Sparks Terms & Conditions

University Sparks is a student crowdfunding competition that is run by University Sparks. By applying to University Sparks, you agree with the terms listed below, by and to the individuals and organisations described.

1. Eligibility

Teams must meet the following criteria in order to apply for University Sparks:

  • (1) The Team must have between one and four team members

  • (2) The Team members must all be third-level students in Ireland or the UK.

University Sparks and sponsors of the competition retain the right to refuse eligibility for entry to the competition or for any promotional offers.

2. Application

All applications to University Sparks must be submitted through the “Submit Idea” form on the University Sparks website. All applications must be completed before the deadline of 11:59pm on February 20th to be eligible (University Sparks reserve the right to alter the deadline). No alterations or edits of the application can be requested after an application has been submitted. Successful applicants will be contacted by email to create a campaign. All decisions by University Sparks on applications will be final.

3. Aims

University aims to help students develop their enterprises and ideas. University Sparks requests that Winners are positive ambassadors for the competition. Each Team member must treat other participants, organisers, and any other individuals involved in the University Sparks competition with respect.

4. Provision of Funding

All cash prizes will be awarded accordingly. University Sparks retains the right to, at any time and notwithstanding prior written or oral understanding, grant, suspend, deny or withdraw funding from any winner.

5. Intellectual Property

Founders are under no obligation at any point during the competition to divulge confidential information concerning their idea or company. Applicants retain all IP rights concerning their idea. All applicants agree to allow University Sparks to use the following aspects of their application for marketing purposes: Idea Name, Description & Logo (where relevant).

6. Personal Information

We will respect your privacy by not collecting personal information about you that is not voluntarily provided or required to process your application. By voluntarily entering the competition or registering as an investor, you grant University Sparks the right to contact you regarding the University Sparks competition and other opportunities that may be of interest to you.