Maynooth University

By Tobias Luken, Conan McLucas, Tomas Baltrunas
€ 2955313





Ending on 11-04-2021

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VegaNite - the worlds first social media platform & marketplace specifically tailored to sustainability-focused individuals Do you care about the environment and want to meet others that do too? Would you try Veganism or Vegetarianism but just feel like there's no local support for you? Or do you often throw away foods that you know you could've given away because you just can't finish it all? Then VegaNite is the platform for you! Our goal is to make sustainable living easier, cheaper and more fulfilling by connecting like-minded individuals locally and giving them their own dedicated platform. Some of the key features of our app are: - A feed that displays your follower's posts, but can also be adjusted by distance to show all posts in a certain area, so you can be inspired by the people around you! - A map that displays Restaurants, Bars, Takeaways, Markets and Sustainable Fashion stores in your area, which you can filter by your dietary needs so you only see places that meet your diet. - The ability to review Venues in-app, post pictures of their menu's and inform your followers of your experience there. - A marketplace in which your profile becomes your listings page and you can buy, sell or give away goods to people in your local area, and pay or get payed directly through the VegaNite app using Apple pay or Google Pay. - Post pictures, videos, and stories, as well as recipes and lifestyle hacks. VegaNite is all about the users, so we decided that every month 5% of our revenue will be given away to a charity voted by our user base! Our Users suggest which charities to vote on and then vote on our VegaNite story to decide where we will be making an impact together that month. How does VegaNite work? Our revenue model is multisided and fee on sale based: - We take a 10% fee for every sale made through our platform - We charge for ad-space from 3rd parties, listed venues, or users who want to boost their reach and engagement. -We generate ad-revenue through our TikTok, where we post sustainability-related clips, our YouTube podcasts on ethical consumption, and our Instagram page. - We will start our own FMCG brand of Vegan 'essentials' that we will sell through retail outlets, in exchange for those retail stores to advertise on VegaNite. Our Goal with VegaNite is bigger than Varsity Sparks. We want to empower a generation of people to be more conscious in their consumption and we want to do this globally. That's why our team has decided to take VegaNite to other, prominent Irish-wide competitions. Before we can do that, however, we need the support of every one of you. Invest in VegaNite today and don't be shy to message us directly with any questions or queries! Send us a screenshot on Instagram @veganite__ Twitter @niteVega or TikTok @veganite_ Our passionate team is dedicated to making VegaNite a reality, and we thank you in advance for all your support :) VegaNite - Uniting Sustainable Communities!