National University of Ireland Galway

By Tara Gibney, Erin Hession, Eoin O'Malley,
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Ending on 11-04-2021

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An innovative platform transforming student well-being. Speakeasy is a wellbeing-focused classroom management system used by teachers and school officials to gain analytical insights into student data and provide an early warning system for at-risk students. Weekly student well-being surveys and various metrics such as attendance, academic grades and behaviour are analysed by our unique algorithm to identify struggling students and notify staff - allowing for early intervention. Our metrics, which are based on UNICEF's specified struggling student indicators, build the core foundation of the Speakeasy system. With around 20% of the world’s children and adolescents struggling with a mental health condition and suicide being the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds, the growing problem of poor mental health and wellbeing issues amongst young people around the world has become a topic of great concern for our team. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for greater monitoring of, and insight into the mental health and wellbeing of young students and adolescence globally, yet no solution exists Speakeasy is here to change that. Speakeasy provides the basic features and functionality of standard school systems such as grade and attendance tracking, while also providing teachers and principals with dashboards that display real-time analytical insights and overviews of key student data, allowing for teachers to have a better understanding of the students in their classroom. Speakeasy also allows students to arrange in-person meetings with a teacher through the software so that speaking up is always an easy and subtle option for students. Studies show 71% of struggling students see an increase in their academic results after teacher engagement. Our goal is to give students a voice for when they can’t put up their hand. Based on our research, we have identified a major communication gap between students and teachers in secondary schools today. We want to produce the happiest and highest performing students by closing this gap. We believe that the time to act is now and that there is a huge opportunity for schools to utilise technology to transform their approach to monitoring student wellbeing.