University of Limerick

By Tim O’Kelly, Roisin Clune, Ben Herlihy, Ailbhe King
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Ending on 11-04-2021

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Klean Beans is a social enterprise aiming to create natural, affordable skincare products made from repurposing spent coffee grounds that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Used or spent coffee grounds are the by-product of making coffee using coffee beans. There is estimated to be 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds sent to landfill each year. At the landfill, coffee grounds emit 340 cubic metres of methane per tonne. Methane is a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide and one of the primary causes of global warming! There are numerous benefits in creating skincare products using coffee including: Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliating agent that removes the dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The caffeine in the grounds contains antioxidant properties which help prevent the skin from sun damage. Provide anti-inflammatory due to chlorogenic acid as well as melanoidins in the coffee. We collect spent coffee grounds that would otherwise be going to waste from local businesses in the hospitality sector. We then repurpose the coffee grounds into natural skincare products. Coffee, which will be the main ingredient will be mixed with other natural ingredients to create natural, sustainable skincare products. We are currently formulating our first product which will be the KleanBeans Body Exfoliator. Once finished formulating this, we will start a four month long testing phase before launching our first product in September. We will have three main streams of revenue generation. The first of these will be sales of our products directly from our website which we will be launching shortly. Secondly, we will sell our products to shops and wholesalers. Finally, we can create additional revenue by charging a collection fee from businesses who would like us to repurpose their coffee grounds rather than sending them to landfill. Our target market for our products is teenagers and young adults, as they are interested in sustainable products that help the environment. They are also looking for more affordable natural solutions to their problems. We believe KleanBeans can be the affordable environmentally friendly skincare product that teenagers and young adults are looking for. From speaking with our target market, we know that teenagers and young adults need environmentally friendly but affordable skincare products because they find existing products too expensive. We also found that teenagers and young adults want these products because when they have clear skin 87% of them benefit from increased confidence!