University of Limerick

By Conor Brennan, Rutticka Kedare, Rachael Sleath, Evan Murphy
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Ending on 11-04-2021

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Driving the adoption of the Circular Economy in Takeaway Packaging through Science, Human Performance, and Design! - A Social Enterprise, Rethinking Plastics! When you order takeout, what do you do with all the packaging? You probably put it all back into the bag you got it in and put it all into the general waste bin right? Businesses are trying to be eco conscious by supplying recyclable/biodegradable and even compostable packaging, but people are lazy by definition and don’t like to wash their food covered packaging before recycling it and have no idea what to do with biodegradable and compostable materials. Almost 100% of the time, all of this packaging then ends up in the general waste bin headed for landfill. We will sell and distribute a suite of branded compostable packaging products to takeaways. Instead of takeaway customers receiving a number of different packaging materials with their food order, they will receive one compostable packaging material that they can conveniently ball together and put into the brown food/compost bin. The clear obstacle to this packaging is through its cost. In order to remove the obstacle of purchasing these products, they will be sold to takeaways at an average industry price point, made possible through sponsorships. Sponor’s logos will be placed on the packaging and distributed to customers nationwide. Through our ongoing needs assessment, we have learnt that takeaways are reliant on low cost packaging. We have also learnt that some takeaways are having to purchase their packaging from at least 3 suppliers and sometimes cannot get delivery of their order, so they must drive long distances in order to collect it. These 3 pain points; cost, number of suppliers and delivery, are areas that our business focuses directly on. Also, reaching out to takeaways has told us they would not mind having other local businesses advertise on their packaging if it meant that they could purchase compostable packaging at a cheaper rate. Our 13 student strong team is growing quickly and is diversely built up of students from various disciplines. We have students in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the following areas; Technology Management, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Business, International Business, Marketing, Financial Mathematics, International Management & Global Business. We also have a Masters student with an extensive background in plastic waste on our project. Thus far we have been able to develop a strong working plan based on lean and agile project management methodologies in order to validate our idea while we continuous its development.