The Bubble

Dublin City University

By Ronan Kelly, Morgan Cocoman
€ 3251013





Ending on 11-04-2021

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• The Vision: Create a platform for new and emerging artists and support personnel across all disciplines in the Arts industry to display and advertise their talents. • The Problem: New and emerging creative people and supporting personnel in the Arts industry can struggle to break into the industry. • Validation: We have undertaken a number of customer interviews in our target market (eight art related sectors) to find out more about their challenges. The people we spoke to expressed their fear for their future in the arts industry. They feel that when they leave college they will not succeed in their chosen craft. The main concern is that the most talented don’t always succeed or get the best jobs. It is the artist with the most connections that gets the better advantage. ‘The Bubble’ will be used to give them a fair chance. Our aim is to give them the opportunity to create connections and provide them with a “one stop platform” where they are comfortable expressing their creativity. • The solution: ‘The Bubble’ is a platform for artists and industry personnel of all kinds to facilitate them to accomplish their creative goals and encourage people to share their work no matter how big or small. This will be a community just for the Arts. • Features: - A personal page for each artist’s account including a collaborations list. - A main page where you can see the content of your connections and pages you follow. - A page where artists can sell/auction their work. - A job search bubble where you can look for auditions and opportunities for work. - A discovery page where you can find pieces of art. • Industry analysis: There isn’t a social media platform for the broad range of arts. Many people find that it is not acceptable to share their artistic goals and achievements on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook etc as they are general platforms. Our research shows us that there is a gap in the market. We believe ‘The Bubble’ will address this gap. • Go to Market strategy: We have many connections in the Arts Industry and we hope to bring these artists together to use the platform. We propose to get in touch with the main art/music colleges and offer them our platform for their students by including it in a module and grading students on their online portfolio. • Business model: We aim to generate revenue by advertising on our platform. Agencies, record labels, schools etc could advertise their companies on ‘The Bubble’. Finally, once we get enough traffic on our website we will introduce premium accounts for a monthly subscription. Premium members will be given exclusive access to an enhance product including lessons from well-known artists. • Overview of our competition: Art Connect is a competitor with a segment of The Bubble market. Art connect focuses solely on paintings, drawings and sculpting. We believe The Bubble will connect to a much larger audience, thus creating greater opportunities for all artists and ultimately a successful revenue generating product.