Maynooth University

By Andrew Fahey, James Barry, Sarah Chifor, Killian Larkin
€ 2126093





Ending on 11-04-2021

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InfoSafe will provide a platform which will better educate consumers on data security and will work to stop companies from using data to manipulate their customers. InfoSafe is an app/browser extension which will interrupt internet users when being approached by websites to ask for the transference of data. This will be provided in a pop-down feature, which will hold all the information relevant to the websites terms & conditions form. This will help users take a minute to consider why and how their data is being used, and each pop-down feature will include a 'more info' link so that if the internet user wishes to learn more about data security they can. We at InfoSafe have become increasingly concerned about how willing consumers are to share their data freely online. We hope to provide a safe and easy way to help users secure their data against the large multinational organizations who are benefiting financially through data sharing/monitoring.